Young Slacker

Hi Slackers!

I am Young Slacker, a snapchat influencer and content creator. In my snap story, I post raps in Spanish and English (sometimes German!), and try to make interesting or funny stories for all of you.


I love connecting brands with my vibrant group of 100k snapchat followers and helping them discover products and services they will love. My promotions are made via shoutouts, intricate stories and clever brand awareness.


For business inquiries please email me at theyoungslacker[at]

Of course, here's my snapcode.
May 30, 2016

Snapchat Star

A lot of people ask me how to become a snapchat star. It is true that Snapchat is a tough environment to discover people but you have to put out great content that people are willing to share and tell their friends about.


I wrote a few techniques on how to get more snapchat followers on my personal blog.

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