Young Slacker

Hi Slackers!

I am Young Slacker, a rapper and influencer.


If you don’t know me, my real name is Alejandro and I’m serial entrepreneur who created Flux Ventures, Flux Chargers, Flux.LA, Future Sharks, The Insurance Nerd and others.


Young Slacker is the alter ego I play after I leave Alejandro behind. Whereas Alejandro is nice and nerdy, Young Slacker is savage and aggressive.


I drop raps almost daily on my Instagram and Snapchat stories. Follow me!

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Snapchat Influencer

A lot of people ask me how to become a snapchat influencer. Snapchat is a tough environment to discover people but if you put out great content that people are willing to share and tell their friends about you can start growing a following on Snapchat. Also it is important to work with other people who have big followings so you can tap into their audience.


I wrote a few techniques on how to get more snapchat followers in my personal blog.

May 30, 2022