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FutureSharks (3)

Future Sharks (50k monthly visitors)


Future Sharks is a site that promotes entrepreneurs all around the world. From a solopreneur in rural India to a serial CEO in Silicon Valley, we aim to cover the most inspiring stories to motivate other people to go after their dreams.

As an entrepreneurs-first community, we aim to provide a networking and promotional space for entrepreneurs working on challenging ideas that will shape the world we live in.


Alejandro Rioja’s Blog (135k monthly visitors)


In my personal blog, I cover all things digital marketing but mostly SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

I’ve had my blog up since 2014 and have been constantly growing my traffic through actionable guides and promotions.


The Insurance Nerd (10k monthly visitors)


You will find all about insurance and mortgages at my youngest site, The Insurance Nerd: quotes, reviews, definitions and more.


So Influential (8k monthly visitors)


Ever wanted to find out how influencers got big? Head to So Influential to learn about their stories.

Major Keys

Major Keys (Sold in 2017)


Major Keys was an online satire publication. It was acquired in 2017 for an undisclosed amount.

“Major Keys has been the world’s leading news publication even before the printing press was invented. Since its inception in 1438, Major Keys has produced articles and breaking news with local, national and international coverage. Major Keys articles are frequently quoted in research publications, white papers and scholarly articles.”